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The original DSP-AEC-1010-DA launched back in December 2021. After a few slow months, it started picking up speed, up to a point where we struggled to keep up with demand.
A few batches later, we are proud to announce a major facelift to the 1010, including replacing the USB connector from Type A to Type B and pimping up the chassis. The control software and API have also been improved, such as implementing full processing of the USB channels (SW release to be launched in June/July).
As the original 1010 is fully upgradeable, this redesign will not be considered a MkII, but rather a foundation upon which new DSP models will be based. Yes, we will be releasing something very interesting in the near future 😉

For those of you not familiar with the DSP-AEC-1010-DA, here is a short overview:

• 4 x balanced analog in and out, with integrated mic pre and +48V
• 4x4 Dante connectivity
• 2x2 USB (with processing) for recording and playback
• RS232 and RS485 control ports
• Dual Ethernet with PoE capability.
As the name suggests, the DSP-AEC-1010-DA is equipped with advanced acoustic echo cancellation, making it ideal as a centerpiece in web conference installations. Other DSP facilities include EQ, dynamics, mix and matrix.
The 1010 is configured and controlled from an easy-to-use GUI. As an option, programmable control panels (sold separately) offer the end user hands-on control to parameters set by the integrator.

We expect the first batch to land at our warehouse in the middle of May. Please contact your local distributor for more information.

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